People ask me all the time what kind of tools, products and services do I use for my online businesses. So, I thought it would be helpful to create a page that will list them all.

I am a firm believer in being up front. Some of the links below are affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase with my links. I personally have experience with all the companies, products and services that I recommend. Please don’t buy any products or service unless you feel like you can truly benefit from them.

Website & Web Hosting

The first step towards your online business is to get a website, I recommend these companies because they have a great reputation, they have been around for a long time and they make it easy for you get your site up and running in no time.

File Storage

Google Stuff

  • Google Adsense – Make money by placing relevant ads on your website that are generated from advertisers using Google Adwords. This is free to use, but you have to register for an account.

  • Google Adwords – If you want to begin advertising on Google, you can select keywords and locations and you pay each time someone clicks on your advertisement.

  • Google Analytics – Google’s free website tracking and analytical tool. A must have for anyone with any type of website

  • G Suite – G Suite Business plan includes all the tools you need to run your online business. Features like:

    • Unlimited storage for files and email
    • More oversight and control of important business data
    • The ability to search across every user account

Site Submission

Saves you time by submitting your site to all the top search engines and let people know you exist.

Backlink Checker

  • Open Link Profiler – Get an in-depth analysis of the freshest live backlinks. It enables you to analyze the active backlinks of any website. An active backlink is a backlink that has been confirmed within the last 90 days. These are the links that influence the position of your website on Google and other search engines.

API Websites

  • CDNJS – they have a lot of Javascript and CSS APIs that they host. If you can think of an API that you want to use for your web development project, I’m pretty sure you could find it there.

  • Twilio – you can send SMS messages via your web application.

  • Mashape – This site has hundreds of different APIs you can use for your project. For example, if you want to know which country does a particular phone number belongs to, you can look it up Via API. Or if you want to turn your HTML into PDF, you can make a API call to do that.

  • API MK – Different api’s (ip to location, detecting mobile devices, and etc) to help you build web apps faster.

PHP Stuff

  • Best PHP Obfuscator – this tool scrambles your PHP source code to make it very difficult to understand or reverse-engineer. This provides significant protection for source code intellectual property that must be hosted on a website or shipped to a customer.

Other Stuff

  • JS Compress – Free online instant javascript compression (minify)tool. Copy and paste your code in or upload multiple files to combine them together

  • Refresh-sf. – This is a web interface to minify your JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

  • Prose – is a content editor for GitHub designed for managing websites.

Website Speed Test

  • Website Speed Test – Use the Website Speed Test tool to analyze and see how fast your website loads.

  • Pingdom – Use this free Website Speed Test to analyze the load speed of your websites, and learn how to make them faster

  • DotCom Tools – Run a free website speed test! Check page load speed from 20 global locations. Test real web browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox, mobile. Analyze your site today