I have been developing web applications for a while and I realized that here are close to 75 functions that I use over and over again.  For things like, DOM data mining, cookies, local storage, css and etc.

So, I decided to put these functions in a Javascript library call "Awesome Functions". These functions are build upon the most powerful frameworks (jQuery, Bootstrap, and Moment JS) to give you the most reliable and fastest to build your web applications.

What Can I Do With Awesome Functions?

These functions are broken down in 6 different categories:

  1. Storage
  2. API
  3. jQuery
  4. Bootstrap
  5. Form Validator

Storage Functions

During your web application development, there might be a need for you to store data on your client computer. With these functions  you can easily store - Cookies and Localstorage.

Also, you can easily do your CRUD(create, read,update and delete) operation. But unlike other libraries, these functions easily allow you to data (string, objects, or object arrays)  minie with just one line of code.

API Functions

These functions easily allow you to get geolocation info of your visitors such as latitude, longitude, city, region, country and timezone. Also, determine if your visitors are accessing your site from mobile or desktop.

jQuery Functions

With these awesome functions, you can easily:

  • Format your date and time
  • Allow only part of the a section to be printed. I have used this function tremendously!
  • Find out: the length of a string, how many objects are in a object array, and count the number of arrays. This will come in handy when you get a data back from your ajax call and you would like to know how many arrays, object and etc are in that data.
  • With just one line of code easily convert your html table to JSON data. So, you do your data mining.
  • Easily create random string.
  • MD5 Hash a string.
  • Find out if your visitor is online or offline.
  • Easily convert the characters "&", "<", ">", ' " ', " ' " and along with others to their corresponding HTML entities. This will come in handy when you are adding data to your mysql database via php to prevent sql statement error messages due to invalid character in data.
  • And many more

Bootstrap Functions

If you use bootstrap CSS in your web apps, then you will loves these awesome functions.

With just one line of code, you can easily show alerts and error messages. Also, create input fields, text boxes, group fields, and much more.

 Form Validator

These functions easily allow you to validate your data for:

  • Email address
  • URL
  • Contain any spaces
  • Does the length of characters equal allowed length
  • Is the entry empty, Alphanumeric or numeric
  • And much more

If you want to speed up your web development time, then you should seriously start using Awesome Functions.





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