This guide covers installing Node JS on the Windows platform. However, these steps could help you install node js on other platforms as well.

Download the latest version of Node JS.

Run the Node.js Installer

Assuming you have downloaded the node js installer, next, you will need to install it on your PC.

The installer is a pretty typical Wizard interface for installing software on Windows - there are a few steps to it, but you can have it done in under a minute.

You can get through it by following the guide below:

1) Welcome to the Node.js Setup Wizard

Select Next

2) End-User License Agreement (EULA)

Check I accept the terms in the License Agreement

Select Next

3) Destination Folder

Select Next

4) Custom Setup

Select Next

5) Ready to install Node.js

Select Install

Note: This step requires Administrator privileges.  If prompted, authenticate as an Administrator

6) Installing Node.js

Let the installer run to completion

7) Completed the Node.js Setup Wizard

Click Finish

Now you've got Node.js on Windows machine.





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