For Web Developers:

You can take full advantage of my advance knowledge to help you finish your projects faster. Any web programming problems you are facing today, mostly like I have already solved it working on my past business projects.

I can easily help you come up with simple solution for your most challenging task to implement that way you can move on your next bigger project.

For Business Projects:

Allow me to come up with solutions for your business problems like:

  • You need a billing system to keep track of your employee hours
  • System to keep track of your inventory and/or sales
  • You need custom content management system, or WordPress theme or plugins for you website
  • You need to me come and do a workshop for your employees to help them be more productive and efficient in their jobs
  • Look at your existing systems to see where they can be optimized to help boot sales

My fees vary depending on the scope of your project. In the past I have charged as little as $1,000 and high as $20,000 for a project. 

Feel free to use the form below to tell me what kind of help you need with your project and what's your budget. I look forward to working with you on your next project soon.