Does your website project have the need to parse url addresses? Or do you want to easily search through query string parameters from a URL?

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Do you want to get into web development but not sure if you should invest the time? Learn if it's right for you to get into it.

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Learn how to easily convert your php array into JavaScript json array.

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With just one function quickly and easily increase your google page speed ranking.

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Ever wanted to quickly and easily access your url query parameters?

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Often times you get data from many different sources. It would be helpful to know the length of the data. That would help you determine whether to go in direction A or B.

Learn to easily find the length of your data whether it’s a string, object or array.

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With just one line of code, you can easily turn your api json data into html table.

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If you’ve ever thought about becoming a web developer, you came to the right place! Pursuing a new career is a big decision, so it’s important to do your research.

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Transactional emails are automated messages, triggered to send on demand by specific interactions on your website or application. Examples of transactional emails are: order confirmations, shipping notifications, membership renewal notices, account status messages, and many more.

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Google Sheet has a lot of functions but did you know you can create your own custom functions in google sheet. Find out how to create custom functions for

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Would you like to cut your web application development time in half?

If so, awesome functions can help you do that. Find out how...

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One of the good things and down fall about javascript is that it executes line by line. If you are waiting on external source ( like api call ) to finish processing, then this line by line processing data could present a major problem for you as some of your code may fail.

Has this happened to you before? If so, read on to learn how to solve this problem.

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It is a good practice to hash your user's password before storing into your database. But which hashing option should you use in php.

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Would you like to detect whether a user has pressed "Enter Key" using jQuery?

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Learn how to get the domain from a URL or easily parse domain from a string with this easy to use php function.

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As a web programmer, you want to create awesome web applications that are easy and fast to develop.

To speed up your development process, you should consider using APIs. 

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