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One of the most challenging parts of creating a signup form is having the right template. In this post, you will learn how to create a signup template that is compatible with desktop and mobile.

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Learn how to convert a HTML table into a json array and filter for one and many columns.

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Learn how to get the domain from a URL or easily parse domain from a string with this easy to use php function.

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Do you have a WordPress plugin that you want to add to the WordPress directory? However, you do not know how to upload it.

If this is you, keep reading. I am going to show you, step by step how to upload your WordPress plugin to the WordPress repository.

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I’m going to share with you a website that I’ve been using in my projects lately. It’s called and on this website they will allow you to make a few api calls and in return they will give you some key information.

For example, I don’t if this ever happened to you or not before, but one time I was working on a project and I wanted to know whether my user was accessing the site from a mobile device or a desktop.

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