Easily Find Out The Length Of Object, Array or String

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Often times you get data from many different sources. It would be helpful to know the length of the data. That would help you determine whether to go in direction A or B.

Learn to easily find the length of your data whether it’s a string, object or array.

Below is a simple and easy to use JavaScript function that will help you quickly find out the size of  your data.

var size = function (data)
	var text = data.constructor.toString()	 
	var str = (text.match(/function (.*)\(/)[1]).toLowerCase();
	if(str ==="number" || str ==="string")
		var d1 = str.toString()
		return data.toString().length 
	else if(str ==="object" || str ==="array")
		return Object.keys(data).length

Let’s suppose you have the following data:

var str = "123"
var obj = {a:2, b:2}
var arr = ["0", "1", "2",'arr']

To find out the length of each data type you would simply call it like this:

console.log( 'str -> ' + size(str) ) //--> str -> 3
console.log( 'obj -> '  + size(obj) ) //--> obj -> 2
console.log( 'arr -> ' + size(arr) ) //--> arr -> 4


Results for your:

  • String data, the length is only 3.
  • Object data, the length is only 2.
  • Array data, the length is only 4.


Once you start using this function, you will start to see it will make your life a lot easier.

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