Convert Your API JSON Data to HTML Table

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With just one line of code, you can easily turn your api json data into html table.

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Below is an example




var DataArr =

//Method 1 - No custom columns

//Will create and return table data
var tbl = js.CreateTable(DataArr);

//Out put table

//Method 2 - With custom columns

//Will create and return table data
var Columns = ["Names", "Sites"];

var tbl = js.CreateTable(DataArr,Columns);

//Out put table


This is part of the awesome functions library

Below is the code for “CreateTable” function in case you want it.

Note: _.size()  is part of the lodash function.

var CreateTable = function (DataArr,Columns)
	var GetHeaderNames = _.size(Columns) <1 ? DataArr[0] : Columns;
	var GetRows = DataArr;

	var d ='';
	d += '<table class="table table-hover table-bordered " width="100%">';

	//--->Create Header- Start
	d += '<thead>';
	d += '<tr>';
	$.each(GetHeaderNames,function(index, value)
		var col_value = _.size(Columns) <1 ? index : value;
		d += '<th >'+_.startCase(col_value)+'</th>';
	d += '</tr>';
	d += '</thead>';
	//--->Create Header- End

	//--->Create Rows - Start
	d += '<tbody>';
	$.each(GetRows,function(index, v1)
		d += '<tr>';
		$.each(v1,function(index, v2)
			d += '<td id="myTable" >'+v2+'</td>';
		d += '</tr>';
	d += "</tbody>";
	//--->Create Rows - End

	d +=" </table>";
	return d;


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