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If you have used Google Sheets for your projects, then you know it’s a lot better than regular old Microsoft Excel. One of the reasons Google Sheets out shines Excel is in it’s “Functions“. They definitely make your life a whole lot easier.

Even if one of your projects demands for some creative commuting, Google Sheets got your covered. It allows you to create your own custom functions.

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Author : Code With Mark

Do you want to optimize your web server?

If so, then you should consider storing some data to your client’s computer. This will cut down on numbers of calls made to your web server.

One of the easiest ways to store data on your client’s computer it’s via “Localstorage”.

Here you will learn how to process data just like if you were doing it in MySQL database.

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Learn to create a short url system

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Would you like to cut your web application development time in half?

If so, awesome functions can help you do that. Find out how…

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One of the good things and down fall about javascript is that it executes line by line. If you are waiting on external source ( like api call ) to finish processing, then this line by line processing data could present a major problem for you as some of your code may fail.

Has this happened to you before? If so, read on to learn how to solve this problem.

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